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What we do

We are a Road-book training and adventure facility based in Bendigo central Victoria 1.5 hrs North of Melbourne.  We run training programs from first time road book users right through to professional racers.  We have a wide range of road books, from basic main roads to hard core off road rally.  We run adventure roadbook rally's in all areas of all different terrains.

We run adventure roadbook rally's for adventure enthuses,  first time rally racers, professional rally racers and everything in-between if its just a fun weekend away with a group of friends, your looking to compete in your first roadbook rally or your looking to take on the Dakar Rally this is for you.

Learning the art of roadbook rally using a step by step system in a controlled environment.

We have road-book hire where you can pick a road book off our web site, receive it in the post and ride it with no assistance at your own leisure.

We have road-books for Runners,  cyclists, road bike riding or car, cars off road, and of course motorbikes off road. 

Road-book Adventures is great for:

-Family fun

-Group bonding

-Club fitness

-Rally riding

-Car rallying

Destination Dakar Road-book Adventures is a great weekend away of adventure and fun with a twist whoever you are.  

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