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 All 2 day Navigation course 

 $25.00-$250.00 per day 

Conditions apply

Motorbike/Mountain bike hire

You don't have a bike? Not a problem!
Motorbikes From $250.00 per day
Mountain bikes From $25 per day

$100-200 per day

Motorbike & Car Road-book Hire

You just want to come and ride Road-books with no assistance.
$150.00 Using your own navigation equipment.
$200.00 Using our Navigation equipment.
$100.00 Using the app with your own phone or tablet. 
Prices per day


Mountain bike & running Navigation

 Mountain bike or running road books

$30.00 per individual Road-book.

All day Road-books, $75.00 for unlimited Road-books.

$50.00 per day

Road Book Holder Hire

Race ready roadbook holder and ICO.
Conditions apply

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