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Our story

Michael started riding & racing late in life at the age of 18.  Over the years finding success in many different facets of racing.  Stand outs being class win at Gascoyne desert race, Aorc round class win, Finke desert race class win,  outright & class win at the Kalgoorlie desert race.  Michael turned to rally in 2015 where he found his real adventure passion.  Competing in his first rally being the Condo 750 in Australia, the love for adventure begun, he had the biggest grin from ear to ear and wanted more of the Navigation style of racing and adventure where results did not matter, it was the journey & the un-know destination that made it so fun.  From there he competed in more rally’s overseas & attended many training camps as well. Making good connections with many good trainers in Morocco and Europe, he expanded his knowledge & experience to present these courses & adventure riding experiences to the public in Australia.

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